7 Real Estate Marketing To Dos

7 Real Estate Marketing To DosReal estate marketing is full of “could dos” and “should dos”. In fact there are a BUNCH of different things that you could do, but which will work best for your business (or market)?

We work with LOTS of agents and have a good idea of what will work for different situations. With that in mind, here are our top ten real estate marketing ideas (in no particular order).

We are not going to include the lame-o Facebook propaganda that you hear from every other marketing “expert”. Instead we are going to give you real actionable items that you can use to grow a real marketing empire.

Learn To Love Hashtags

Google+, Twitter and Facebook all utilize the hashtag (#). Adding a hashtag to your post can increase how much it is shared. Some relevant hashtags are #realestate, #realtor, #yourcity, #yourstate, #kw (Keller Williams), #c21, #FSBO.

You should include a hashtag with every post you make:

YouTube and Videos

You should make videos of as many subdivisions in your area as possible. When buyers start their home search, they start big by looking for say, “denver”. That may mean they are as much as two years from moving. Get a little more specific like “westminster” or “cherry creek” and they are getting more serious.

When they hit on “stratford lakes, westminster co” you know that they are getting ready to buy or may need a realtor to help sell their home. No excuses, start making videos today.

if you want to know the 14 ways you can use one little video, check out our Real Estate Marketing To A Farm ebook!

Start or Work Your Blog

There is nothing more powerful than having a blog website that is churning out leads every day. Each time you write a post, it acts as a page that can be found in Google.

We are sure that you have heard about this ad nausea, but it is true and worth starting today. We recommend a minimum of two posts a week for the best results.

Learn Your Keywords

Writing blog post after blog post without knowing how to use your keywords is silly. Each post should have a specific mission, like attracting buyers or sellers and also should ground you in your local market.

For example:

Clearwater Real Estate Tips – How to make your home a buyer magnet!

if you want a huge list of keywords, check out 100 Great SEO Keywords For Realtors

Set Up A Marketing Plan

You know how marketing goes. You sell all your listings, then panic so you do a bunch of marketing, then you have a bunch of new buyers and sellers, who all go away, so you do a bunch of marketing.

Making a “real” marketing plan that is implemented every day, whether you are busy or not!

Get A Real Email Database

Using Wise Agent or Top Producer is not enough for today’s internet marketing efforts. You need to have a powerful database that will allow you to do autoresponders, take internet leads, send a weekly newsletter and much, much more.

We recommend Mailchimp.com for new agents and Infusionsoft for more seasoned agents.

Want to learn more? Check out our post, Realtor Marketing – Should You Use WiseAgent, Top Producer or InfusionSoft?

Speaking of Google, Work Google Plus

“Everyone” says that Google Plus is a stupid social network (and it may be). That said, every post you make is a chance to submit your data directly to Google and it might show up on the first page of Google for people who are in your circles.

A recent search for “Sand Key Real Estate” that we did showed one of our favorite realtors, Deb Ward on the first page because of a Google+ post.

realtor google plus post

Get Some Help!

Real Estate Marketing To A Farm ConsultIf you are considering starting a real estate farm, we can help! We have worked with hundreds of agents, helping them to establish a farm area and increase their business.

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    Russia is not strong marketing. Use Newspapers. Use Google adwords. Use the outdoor advertising. But the Internet tools of use to very few. CRM system almost no use.
    Well, if we use t facebook. Google plus Russians almost no use.
    I use youtube, Facebook, Yandex and Vkontakte.ru
    By the way my channal http://youtu.be/-O7NKs0GzOs
    my site rieltor1.ru

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    In that case I would make videos of every area in your town!!! Thank you so much for sharing how real estate sales works in Russia…:) we are fascinated with overseas marketing

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