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This site is brought to you by real estate coach and speaker, Tara Jacobsen of Marketing Artfully. This site is dedicated to providing marketing tools and resources to help Realtors succeed in today’s tough marketplace (and cut through all the clutter agents hear every day).

As a real estate coach and speaker, I talk with Realtors every day and am appalled at most of what I hear out there about how to do realtor marketing. Either the advice is old and ineffective in today’s world or it is new and ineffective, but costs a lot so agents think it must be good. I have even heard other speakers lie to Realtors about how to do something because “then they won’t hire us”. I am dedicated to providing help at every level so that Realtors can get more listings, work with more buyers and dang it, sell more houses!

Tara Jacobsen, Marketing Artfully

Tara is a marketing speaker and real estate coach like no other. Her real world, no holds barred approach to speaking and coaching has clients and audiences jumping for joy at the straight talk and practical help for agents. Tara is a nationally recognized Realtor Marketing Speaker who talks at boards and MLSs throughout the country, covering topics from YouTube, QR Codes and Social Media to How To Service Your Listings. Her marketing company, Marketing Artfully, has helped agents from California to Tennessee and everywhere in between, helping her to stay on top of the latest real estate marketing tactics and what is hot in the marketplace today.

A “Failed” Realtor

Tara currently has a real estate license in the state of Florida (although she hasn’t had a buyer or seller in the car for YEARS). While her heart was always in marketing, it seemed like real estate would be a good fit and so she got her license in 2005. From 2005-2007, Tara was an active agent, racking up almost a hundred thousand dollars in GCI her second year, carrying 35 listings and ranking in the top 10% of an 180 agent office.

Now you may think this was boom time, but the state of Florida hit the skids way before the rest of country, in fact absorption rates for the Tampa Bay area where she worked were less than 10 percent for most of that time and houses were sitting on the market for months if not years.

So why leave real estate? Tara found out that real estate is hard, heart wrenching work. Long hours and myriad problems so, she ducked back into happy, fun marketing! That having been said, her love of real estate and Realtors never waned and she counts Realtors as some of her best friends and clients still today!

Real Estate Coach

One of the reasons for Tara’s success as a Realtor was having a real estate coach and mentor who guided and directed her through the ins and outs of having a real estate business (that’s right, we said business). With clear cut goals and specific action items to work on, Tara was able to succeed in a market that was not kind to newbie agents just starting out.

Tara worked for a number of years as a Real Estate Speaker and Realtor Marketer before discovering a passion for helping Realtors achieve long-term, sustainable businesses based on sound systems and lead generation. She had done hundreds of one on one calls with agents, giving them the “what to do” without telling them “how to do it” (fun for her, not so much for the agent who understood the concepts but were unable to execute the ideas). With that in mind she started working with a few select agents in her real estate coaching business.

With hard work and dedication on their part and great ideas and guidance from Tara, these agents have: increased their average sales prices from the mid $100’s to an average between $400-600K while working less, have taken over farm areas who were previously held for years by area experts, have worked with the right types of clients (earning less but loving life more), and have generally seen more opportunity than they ever knew was possible.

Jennifer Prestwich, Realtor (Your Castle Real Estate)

Thank you so much, Tara! I can see I have a very focused- and manageable- to do list!

I had been getting a little frustrated with my marketing efforts. What I was doing wasn’t working. After sitting with you for an hour- which felt like about 20 minutes!- I now have a focused list of small “tweaks” to make my online presence more effective. I also have new ideas that will be easy to implement. You not only told me what to do, you showed me how to do it. Best marketing money I ever spent!

Tara knows that it can be scary to consider hiring a coach to get even more business when you feel underwater now BUT there are huge economies of scale with having listing systems and marketing plans that do not have to keep being re-invented every month. Her help and guidance can take some of the pain out of doing real estate and put some sanity back in your life.

Call her today to discuss real estate coaching options 727-415-9165.

Real Estate Marketing Speaker

Tara Jacobsen is a Real Estate Marketing Speaker that you will not forget. She brings with her a true, hands on marketing focus, and yet energizes a room with full on content and audience participation.

Tara is a sought after marketing presenter known for her tell it like it is style and giving 100 miles-an-hour presentations that will keep your audience engaged and taking notes the entire time. Tara is not just talking about marketing ideas from years past, she is actively working with Realtor clients on a day-to-day basis, implementing the latest cutting edge marketing concepts that work today. Tara will give your audience concrete strategies that they can start implementing immediately!

Julia Fishel, Realtor (ReMax)

Tara’s presentations are always jam-packed with great ‘take-away’ information. She’s brilliant in that she’ll take a topic that I’ve heard presented many times before but she’s always brings a fresh perspective or solution to the table. Best yet, she’s a very engaging, relaxed, down-to-earth presenter with a splash of humor. An opportunity to hear her live should not be missed!

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Tara speak many times throughout Tampa Bay.

If you would like to find out how to hire Tara as a Real Estate Marketing Speaker, give her a call today! 727-415-9165