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What real estate marketing question would you ask if you had a realtor marketer handy?

real estate marketing questionWell today is your lucky day – I happen to be a real estate marketing pro who speaks around the country at boards and MLSs to Realtors, in addition to coaching top agents (and those looking to become top agents)! There is not much that I have not heard about, so more than likely I can give you a great answer to any question you may have.

Please feel free to drop your question into the comment form below.

Yep, I REALLY do want you to ask me questions, you see, I like it when Realtors ask me questions!

Real estate marketing speakerI like talking about marketing (in fact as many of you know, it is impossible to get me to STOP talking about marketing!)

Why so many questions?!?!?!

It might sound crazy (the fact that I LIKE hearing so many questions), but I have a confession! Because I get so many questions from past seminar attendees and current clients, it keeps me on my marketing toes and up to date.

What should you ask?

Well, there are no rules, ask about social media or how to get your listings to re-up when they are ready to expire or whether you should use a website or a blog. SERIOUSLY, anything is on the table and no question is too basic or silly.

Remember, I volunteer to talk to Realtors every day because I think you are so neat… and because I know that sometimes one little change can make a HUGE difference.


One More Reason to Submit Your Question

Each time you ask me a question, you get a chance to win a free marketing book from my list of favorite marketing books! Could be a social media book like Crush It, or might be Raving Fans or even The Tipping Point (I LOVE that one!)

Every month I select a winner from all the questions from the previous month. I pick the best question each month, could be something new I didn’t know about yet or something that I didn’t even know an agent would be interested in. The voting process is totally biased and non-random so make sure your question is a good one!

Why Am I Giving Away Books?

Two reasons:

1) I think that reading is ALWAYS a way to find that one new idea that will spark your excitement for your business and

2) I want my Realtor community to be an interactive place so I can be of better service to you. The only way I can do that is to get you engaged (in other words… telling me what you like, don’t like, want, and need).

So, don’t forget to scroll down and ask me a question below.

Not sure what to say?

Ask me anything about marketing, listing processes, personality types or time management. Tell me (and everyone else) why you like this column or blog. Or, simply reply to someone else’s question or comment.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to talking to you!