Real Estate Marketing – Are Your Prospecting For Buyers or Sellers?

Real Estate Marketing - Prospecting For Buyers or Sellers

Real estate marketing is all about prospecting for either buyers or sellers. It amazes me how many Realtors do not know that there are major differences in how to find and court buyers and sellers! A saying in the biz is that buyers buy houses and sellers buy marketing. I have to say that this more true than many people know! So how can you prospect for buyers or … [Read more...]

What Should Be In Your Listing Presentation?

What Should Be In Your Listing Presentation

One of the big questions I always get is "What should be in your listing presentation?" I was shocked to find out that there was not even one post on the interwebs about it, so here goes! Disclaimer: This may be a little different from what you hear everywhere else so if you are looking to be same old, same old, move along nothing to see here! What Is In "NORMAL" Listing … [Read more...]

List Building for Entrepreneurs and Realtors

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List building for realtors and entrepreneurs is simple, not easy but not hard either! Everyone talks about the need to build a list if you are going to do any marketing, whether via the internet or by direct mail. Everyone says that you should add to that list on a daily basis. Well, as annoying as they are, I agree with everyone! Having a list, mostly targeted to your industry … [Read more...]

How To Pick A Database – Be Careful!

How to pick a database - the age-old marketing question. When you are setting up your online and offline small business marketing plans it is confusing to know what database you should use and if it will be able to accommodate your email marketing needs going forward. I will start with my sad tale.... I have a great database that I really like ( which … [Read more...]

How Tos – But EVERYBODY Knows How To Do X!

They say if you read 3 books on something you are an expert. They say that if you study something for a year you are an expert. They say that you should tell people about it on the internet. First, who the heck are they? And second, they are right about telling other people! This week I went on a crusade to get my Mega Chick mastermind group to do some Web 2.0 things … [Read more...]