Small business leads – filling your pipeline!

Lead generating for small businesses is VITAL! Any small business owner will tell you that the most important part of STAYING in business is having new clients and servicing past clients - all of these are part of your pipeline. Your pipline is the people who have (in order from low priority to high priority): Noticed you are in business but are not currently using your … [Read more...]

Virtual Assistants – Leveraging Yourself!

How can hiring a virtual assistant help your small business? Well let me tell you about MY day: 3 Client Phone Calls - 1.5 Hours 2 Fun Phone Calls - 1 Hour 2 Calls to cancel services - 1 Hour Submitting Sites to RSS Feeds - 2 Hours Errands - 1.5 Hours Writing Blog Post - .5 Hour Emails to 2 Virtual Assistants to do what would take me 10 Hours (I am paying them $50 … [Read more...]

How does social networking help small businesses?

The single-most question I get is "How will social networking make me money?" I am SO not qualified to answer this BUT I can tell you how it has helped my business! Social Networking Makes You More Approachable I teach classes and am very aggressive about what I think people should do to grow their business (sometimes even when they don't ask...:) I have great ideas BUT … [Read more...]

How To Pick A Database – Be Careful!

How to pick a database - the age-old marketing question. When you are setting up your online and offline small business marketing plans it is confusing to know what database you should use and if it will be able to accommodate your email marketing needs going forward. I will start with my sad tale.... I have a great database that I really like ( which … [Read more...]

CRM – What is it and how can it help your small business marketing?

CRM for Small Businesses sounds very ominous. It could mean almost anything! What it actually is is Customer Relationship Management. According to Wikipedia's definition of CRM, it is "a term applied to processes implemented by a company to handle its contact with its customers". WOW does that sound dry and not fun! What it means to the small business owner is the way you … [Read more...]