Real Estate Marketing Speaker

Looking for ways to get in front of more Realtors or want to help the agents in your office make more sales?

If you work with Realtors and want to provide them with great Real Estate Marketing Training so that YOU look like a rockstar who cares about THEIR success, you have come to the right place!

For a limited time only, we are offering FREE Realtor Marketing Training Courses (a $250 dollar value) to real estate offices, title companies and mortgage professionals in Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins and Colorado Springs who want to grow their relationships with their agents (and get new agents).

Free training offer available for a limited time only on a first come, first serve basis. Trainings are done in other areas of the country upon request, call to see if we are going to be in your area soon.

How The Realtor Marketing Training Courses Work

You host an event at your office or at an offsite location (more about that later) and invite your best Realtor clients or prospects. We have a number of different courses to choose from like “How To Service Your Listings”, “100 Free Realtor Marketing Ideas” and “YouTube, QR Codes and Social Media”, depending on what your audience will be most interested in.

We give you pre-made flyers, postcards and emails to send out, inviting the agents to attend and requesting that they RSVP with you or at an online signup page. That’s it! We will provide all the handouts and other marketing materials that are needed.

What’s The Catch?

No catch! This is not some gimmick to have an hour long sales pitch to your valued clients like most free seminars are. Although we do offer services like real estate consulting services and marketing services, we guarantee that our “non-pitch” will be no more than 60 seconds and the other 59 minutes will be fast paced and fun for your agents!

Tara is an informative, creative speaker who always comes prepared for every event. Her content is always jammed packed with relevant information and her professional,straight shooting approach is very well received. She has the ability to keep control of her audience by having them interact and engage in the process. She has a great sense of humor and leaves the audience feeling that the event was more than worth their time! – Deborah Ward, Deborah Ward and Associates, Keller Williams Realty

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Make It An EVENT!

We have found that if you make the Marketing Training an EVENT, your turnout will be MUCH higher! Some things that have worked in the past include:

  • Lunch and Learns – We have had title companies and mortgage pros invite a select group of Realtors (usually about 20) and let them know that it is an exclusive event. Holding the training offsite at a restaurant or hotel adds to the appeal and increases attendance. Mix up your best referrers with your top prospects for the biggest bang (your clients will rave about how great you – it happens every time!)
  • Top Producer Training – Many real estate companies are looking for a way to reward their top producers. One event we did was a SUPER high level marketing training done at a country club for 10 of the office’s top agents. Having this kind of recognition assured that they would not be moving to a new company any time soon!
  • Client Appreciation Events – With the holidays coming up, everyone is looking for something better than a pen or a keychain to give as a client appreciation gift to their best agents. Giving them the gift of more business in the coming year will be a MUCH better present than a calendar or another gift certificate to Starbucks!

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Tara Jacobsen - Real Estate Marketing SpeakerA Realtor Marketing Pro

Tara Jacobsen is a sales and marketing speaker that you will not forget. She brings with her a true, hands on marketing focus, and yet energizes a room with full on content and audience participation.

Tara had successful real estate practice years ago and is still a licensed (inactive) agent in the state of Florida. She has spoken to over a thousand agents, helping them to grow their business using sound marketing concepts, while keeping them entertained and excited about attending her events.

Find out more about Tara’s Real Estate Marketing speaking style by clicking the link to visit her SpeakerWiki!

Find out more – Give us a call today 727-415-9165 or shoot us an email on our contact us page!