Realtor Coaching

Looking for a top notch real estate coach to help
get your business to the next level?

Real estate coaching programs are a great way to increase your commissions and productivity, while keeping your life from spinning out of control! Successful Realtors know the “problems” of too many sellers who want you to get the highest price for their house with the least effort from them, buyers who want to “see everything that is out there” and offices who have more rules and regulations than ever before!

Our real estate coaching program has many moving parts and how you will go through it depends on your current level of experience and productivity.

Why did I get into coaching? Well once I started sending out guides like the YouTube Campaign for FSBOs and Expireds or the MLS Listing Guide and MP3, agents LOVED what they read and listened to (the no-nonsense, straight forward information that they had not heard elsewhere). They started asking how they could work with me so they could get ALL my systems for marketing, goal setting, tracking and planning a real estate business!

Now I will be very up-front with you, in the past, I had only worked with a handful of agents who were personal friends and who had TREMENDOUS results, but I had never thought about helping other agents one-on-one. So, with much arm twisting and a couple of shoves, I developed two different programs to get you results FAST!

Good enough for me…how do I find out more?

Simply go to our contact us page and let us know you are interested in our real estate coaching program. We will give you a call ASAP to schedule a quick one-on-one call to see if what you need is a good fit with how we work.

Okay, sounds good, but tell me more!

Tara Jacobsen is a real estate marketing coach like no other. She is a nationally recognized Realtor Marketing Speaker who travels the country talking to agents and finding out the latest tips and tricks to help her coaching clients take over market share and increase their commissions. In addition to this, she has a marketing company that works with Realtors from around the country, doing the day to day tasks needed for a successful social media and internet marketing presence.

Real Estate Coaching Levels

There are three levels of coaching available.

90 Day Quick Start Marketing Coaching

90 Day Quick Start Realtor Marketing Coaching

This one is for the agent who KNOWS they need to make some changes and who wants a step-by-step plan on what to do! Some of the things we will do…

  • Initial consultation to determine your current level of production and the systems you already have in place
  • 7 one-on-one calls, spread out over the 3 months to keep you on track (plus email support whenever you need it!)
  • Systems to do things like service your listings effectively, do your social media and lead followup regularly
  • Templates to use for your listing presentation, relocation guides and collateral like postcards, flyers and brochures
  • Pre-written letters, emails and scripts to use when talking to sellers and buyers
  • Ideas on how to market your listings (many of them do not cost a dime!)
  • Checklists to keep you (or your assistant) on track and motivated
  • More, and more, and more
Holy cow real estate marketing coachingHoly Cow! Real Estate Marketing Coaching

This one is for the agent who doesn’t want to take 90 days to get started. You know who you are and how you work – fast and furious!

Not for the faint of heart, this one is for the Realtor who wants to take the next month and pound out marketing, listing and follow-up systems in the shortest amount of time possible so that you can be getting more listings & making more money FAST!

We will have measurable timelines & regular quick calls to keep you on track and moving forward. You will get specific tasks and we will get you what you need at a MUCH faster pace.

Because of the commitment of time on your part (and mine – I MAKE time for you so you don’t get off track), this is a approved by me only program. While I am happy to work with ANY dedicated agent on the 90 day program, I HAVE to know you are all in to be able to sign up for the HOLY COW! program!

How To Get Started

Until we get a chance to talk about your goals and current business, it is hard to tell which is going to work best for you so the best thing to do is give Tara a call and chat for a few minutes. We PROMISE, there are no hard core sales people who will pressure you to BUY, BUY, BUY, in fact you will be talking with Tara, just as you will during your coaching. Give her a call today 727-415-9165.

How Will I Know I Will Get Anything Out Of This Kind Of Real Estate Coaching?

They say that the best predictor of future results is past results. From our side, feel free to check out our Real Estate Coaching Testimonials page where agents from around the country talk about how Tara has helped them in their business!

From your side, if you are here, you KNOW that what you are doing now and what you know how to do yourself has gotten you as far as you can get on your own. We could give you all the same reasons for having a coach from the sports world that all those other coaches use, BUT here is the most compelling reason. Tara had a coach who helped her tremendously when she started in real estate eons ago and she has a coach now for her speaking business. Anyone who thinks they can achieve greatness alone has a long road to travel.

Think about it, you are a busy agent and if you have read this far, isn’t it worth picking up the phone and finding out if our real estate coaching programs could be right for you? 727-415-9165

PS – For those of you who can count, we only talked about two levels of real estate coaching but promised 3 – the third level of coaching is a one-on-one hour long call with no further commitment. If you would like to learn more about this call, check out our Real Estate Marketing Tools page and check out Option 2.